The Heinrich Böll Stiftung office in Lebanon is working on the project “To fight for!” which is a website-based project developed seeking to generate awareness on the causes and effects of environmental degradation on selected landscapes, livelihoods, species and resources that are particularly affected by human intervention and climate change.
In 2009, in preparation of the COP15 Copenhagen Climate Summit, a Danish project named “100 places to remember before they disappear” gathered photographs and information on
100 places around the world to raise awareness on the devastating effects of climate change. The photographs were published on a website (100places.com), displayed at exhibitions and made available for sale as books, calendars, posters and postcards.
The project “To fight for” wants to emulate this concept of 100 places and to adapt it to the Arab World.
To each selected environmental feature, the website will map related stakeholders and point out ways on how to take action to protect the resource and promote environmentally sustainable practices. The website will also allow users to spread the word about endangered resources on the social media. For the future, it is planned to make the website interactive and to invite users to add texts and picture by themselves.

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