Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Tracing Sustainable Arts in the Czech Republic
The Prague office will contribute to the international project „SurVivArt“ with a Central European perspective. The aim is to reflect how climate change and gender inequality are perceived and elaborated by Czech artists. A research project will monitor and document artistic projects, practices, initiatives as well as artistic and cultural organization policies on the above mentioned issues. Relations between arts and sustainability will be reflected in the Czech context.
Artistic experiences can offer critical reflection and sources of alternatives. The research focuses on the question whether contemporary artists in the Czech Republic respond to the social and political context related to climate change and gender inequality through their work.

You may read the research results about the “green art” scene in the Czech Republic here

About SurVivArt

The Heinrich Böll Stiftung central office in Berlin, Germany in cooperation with some of its regionals offices develops SurVivart, a project which through artistic and cultural actions, will propose a reflection on how sustainable practices can be incorporated in everyday life. More

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