Aiyedun (Good Life) : A Multimedia Performance


08/08/2011 Aiyedun (Good Life) : A Multimedia Performance

Very Soon...

The Project “Aiyedun (Good Life)” is a Multimedia Performance based on interviews, dialogues and discussions with people living on Aiyedun street (a coastal area) on the adverse effects of climate change on their everyday life, and what could be done to ameliorate these effects (notably over flooding).

With these gathered materials (special thanks to Victor Okhai), rehearsals with Performers from Crown Troupe of Africa (a dance-theatre company based in Bariga) have since commenced. Having spent some time in the ever busy city of Lagos conceptualising and rehearsing with the performers, we have decided to move out of Lagos for a while.

On tuesday, 2nd Aug, 2011 we moved to the ancient city of Ibadan (South-Western Nigeria) and continued with the creations. Today, Monday is our 7th day here in Ibadan and things are moving on smoothly.

I’ll keep you guys posted on the performance.


Documentation on Oeur Sokuntevy´s project.

Filmed and edited by Kate O´Hara

Since the beginning I heard about the project Survivart and the main question “What makes for you a better life?,  suddenly I had a funny …

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Segun Adefila

Segun Adefila is a performance artist based in Lagos Nigeria. He holds a B.A. in Creative Arts from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and is a founding member and Artistic Director of the Crown Troupe of Africa, a dance-theater Company in Bariga, Lagos State. He has worked extensively in the integrated arts of dance, drama, …

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