Work in progress: Interviewing people, shooting videos and programming


21/07/2011 Work in progress: Interviewing people, shooting videos and programming

Interviews and Video production

In June I continued with the shooting of the movie clips for my multimedia installation and interviewed people who live in the suburban areas of my town. We discussed about one of the topics of the installation: gender inequality. Many people in my town are not satisfied with their life, especially women. We also talked about women’s rights. I personally think women should also play a leading role in their families.
Another issue in the video installation will be the protection of the environment. I explained the negative effects of using plastic bags. They accepted my explanation and told me they will try to reduce the use of plastic bags. But I cannot ask them to reduce the use of charcoal and fire wood, as this is a basic necessity for many. Without it they could not cook, as there is hardly any other energy source available. So they just take the fire wood from the pine forest nearby which seriously harms the environment.
There is also considerable water pollution in our town because there is no proper sewage system. All gutters are full of plastic garbage. The water in the gutter is also used by the suburban villagers as tap water. I think this case is very important and should be addressed by the local government.
9% of the movie clips are now finished, except some scenes about the cyclone Nargis. Next week I’ll go to the delta region in the South were Nargis hit the country hardest and shoot some interviews and some scenes. I will investigate about the changes, physically or mental? I also wanted to go to the Region were the cyclone Giri damaged many villages in 2010. But I think the budged is not enough and I can’t go there. When I come back from the delta region I will have a lot of new material. So the whole August I’ll edit these scenes and separate the 5 movie clips according to the concept, each about 5 minutes long.

Programming and electrical engineering for the Installation

About 50% of the multimedia-installation is already finished. I am writing now the programming code but sometimes I have difficulties. There are no experts in my town who know about this kind of programming. So I heavily depend on websites for information. The needed materials are available here but for the programming it is a different thing, this takes time. My electrical assistant is also trying hard and helps me.
For my project installation I used the software Visual Basic 6.0 and Macromedia Flash 8. But the code of flash 8 was very complex for me. I did not learn about that software before and had to study it myself. At first I thought that it is easier than Visual Basic, but I realized when writing the codes that it is even more complex. However I try hard and try to find the right solution and hope I can finish the project in late September.

At home on my computer editing videos


Shooting a video


Note from editor: Kanitha is developing her project in her neighborhood, which will soon disappear due to the construction of luxury appartments. Kanitha´s project is …

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Phyoe Kyi

Artist graduated in Painting from the University of Culture in Yangon, Myanmar. He has done several solo exhibitions in Myanmar and participated in group in Exhibitions in Myanmar, Japan, Bangladesh and Germany. Phyoe works in performance and video art and has directed several short films. He is a member of Green Net, a local group …

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