Fruits and Vegetables styling session


25/06/2011 Fruits and Vegetables styling session

Fruits and Vegetable Styling Session with fresh graduates of the Wavecrest College of Hospitality, Lagos, 10th of June.
The fruit and vegetable styling works of the 4 ‘fresh’ graduates will be artistically transferred to unbleached calico bags by them as the new stylish, and of course and most importantly, environmental friendly way to shop.

On Friday 10th of June 9am at the Wavecrest College of Hospitality school kitchen, 4 recently graduated students (they just defended their final year thesis 2 days earlier) and myself sat down to a concluding mini discussion, which had started weeks earlier, while waiting for our documentation expert,Victor, to arrive.
I had sessions with them some weeks before explaining the SurVivArt – Arts for the Right to a Good life project and I had told them to come up with themes and topics for their fruit and vegetable styling sessions. I placed emphasis on using locally grown fruits and vegetables.
I was interested in working with them since part of their school curriculum talks about green issues. Some of them had worked in Hotels and Residences that took environmental sustainability very seriously. One of them said she did her internship in a hotel where all the water used in the laundry was recycled.
Each person had her workspace and fruits and vegetables all laid out and once Victor arrived, he set the camera rolling!

Amarachi Ezekoli worked with a water melon, pineapple,pawpaw,cucumber and carrots. She wants to encourage the use of Solar Power.
In Nigeria, we have an abundance of sunlight and many people still have not tapped into its use. We rely on the use of electricity and when there is a power cut, generators which emit some green house gases are used.
This causes both air and noise pollution.
Her message is Use Solar power and have a whale of a time!
Interestingly, she took the theme literally and figuratively as she carved a ‘futuristic’ and of course very edible whale out of a watermelon filling it with other fruits apart from the water melon chops!
Her sun was made with a pineapple slice and the rays with carrot cuts.
The whole process took her about 1hr to complete.

Amaka Nnodim worked with a water melon,spring onions,carrots and banana and fresh green leaves. She wants to encourage the planting of more trees. It has been discovered that a human being needs an average of 30 trees in a life time to get rid of our carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. In addition trees provide shade to shield us from the harsh rays of the sun. She enjoyed the shade in her College as it has a lot of trees and greenery. At times when trees are cut down,they are not replanted.
Her message is Going green! Plant trees!
She carved the water melon carefully into two unequal sizes,opened them up and stuck spring onions,carrots and washed green leaves for the sprouting trees! The base of the piece was made from banana leaves she made into a mat using the warp and weft technique.

Ngozi Osodi worked with a pineapple and some water melon and pawpaw chops.
She wants to encourage healthy eating habits and the use of shopping bags made from fabric and shopping baskeks made from bio-degradable materials as opposed to polythene shopping bags which are often a menace to the society.
Polythene bags are not bio-degradable and many times in our country they are not disposed of properly. They clog pipes,drainage and so on and she wishes them eradicated.
Her message is Eat healthy, Live Healthy!
She carved a fruit basket from a whole pineapple and filled the baskets with pineapple,water melon and pawpaw chops.
She placed her edible fruit basket on banana and other leaves.

Onajite Gabriel worked with Pawpaw,pineapple,cucumber,carrots and fresh,clean green leaves.
She wants to encourage people to buy our locally grown fruits and vegetables as opposed to buying imported ones.
We have imported fruits and vegetable in Nigeria and she wants to encourage buying more of our local ones as it will improve our economy and give jobs to people.
Interesting her way of conveying this message to use our local boats or canoes which are also called banana boat because of their shape.
The canoes are used as means of transport in some areas in Lagos and other riverside areas in Nigeria.
Her message is Eat Local Produce and develop our economy!
She carved her canoes from a whole pawpaw and pineapple and then made partitions in the boat with carrot and pineapple slices.
She ‘loaded’ the canoes with goodies cut from all the fruits she worked with and made their paddles/oars with cucumber she carved for this purpose. She placed the end products on banana leaves and cucumber chops.

At the end of it all, the students and Victor( i forgot to turn his camera on him!) ate up the fruits and vegetables and it was a lovely ending to an appetizing story!!!!!



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