Sharing you on the ‘Clay Party’


04/06/2011 Sharing you on the ‘Clay Party’

Sharing you on the ‘Clay Party’
The next step was to make small size clay sculptures. And it was difficult for me, which I did not expect to be. Obstacles starts form getting the specific type for clay and it is quiet available since Zoma Contemporary Center (ZCAC) has a connection with the woman who has been supplying for the Center. I was feeling secure. but even informing her before a week, and reminding her like daily, she could not make it happen. And her reason was the rain (digging in rainy time is not advisable), the other reason was transportation. How ever and whatever, she could not make it until Friday morning.
Before a week and half, I make the invitation of the ‘Clay Party’ for Saturday, and Poem Competition for under Grade Four students to be part of it. And the clay mud was there.  I saw red soil at ZCAC but it was already used for clay purpose before. And the remaining was the rough one. Since that was the only chance I had I refine it and prepare it. The other problem was the absence o f the Teacher, Tamene who helped me on translations and announcements. Communicating them through images and actions was easy but when it comes to tell them the sculptures are going to be on their wishes (what I want to be). And to do art pieces depending on their interest. But how can I do that without a person to translate it. Since my guests (students) are present I don’t see posing and wait for translator. We stared making the sculptures and having fun. I had to document the whole process and in the mean time I had to do the clay thing with them just to make them impressed and start doing. So what I did was I Gave my Video Camera to one of students  (who has been behaved so weird and refused to do sculpture). And after a while I got a teacher who came on Saturday for some other reason. I was glad to have it because he made some orders that I could not for language reason. So I gave the photo camera to the teacher. After we start the clay party, almost all students including 7 and 8thgrade students was having fun of it and made what they want to do.
Every body was busy doing his/her own sculpture here and there. They were like allover the school. Laughing of somebody’s sculpture… and kind of things.
The sad thing was my video, the boy was recording but he become interested of the clay and wanted to make a sculpture so he gave the camera to another student. But in between this I think one of them zoomed in by default and record close-ups like texts on t- shirts, somebody’s nose (close-ups and defocused). One full cassette, which is 60 minutes, was damaged. Me, I was more focusing on the art and coordination and encouragements (some of them will destroy the sculpture they made because students making fun of it. So I had to go around and appreciate what they are doing). I noticed it when I changed a cassette fro him.
After all this happened, we collected the survived sculptures and put somewhere to dry, but after a while the rain was about to come. And I had to be there watching it. Finally I left it to ZCAC daily labors to look for me. It was raining the whole night so I was so scared washing byrain. So I went to harla early like six o’clock in the morning but all was well. They putted it in a classroom. Finally the burning process of the clay will take place when the professional is coming up on appointments. And it is so far what is happening. I will write you about my theatre project, which is my last piece here for the residency. I am working on it with the Theatre team we formed recently. So I am some how busy for a while until we are done with the rehearsal.

Thank You.
Robel temesgen


Today celebrates global concern for a threatened and probably angry Earth. Let’s add our voices through our art to save our Earth.

We have taken so much
We have given so little
‘Mother Earth shall protect herself’
A sage once said
We waste our waste with fire
We fuel the heat in …

2 Responses to “Sharing you on the ‘Clay Party’”

  1. Nice one. A fragile clay pots reminds me of a fragile earth, let’s join hands to patch the cracks to save the contents.

    • Hey man, i thank you for the words, also like the poem u post. As u say, to save something big we shall have a bigger unity so saving Mother Earth Without Holding each others hand and unified force is……………….unthinkable.
      Enjoy ur project and i think it is going well with you.
      Robel of Ethiopia

Robel Temesgen

Ethiopian artist graduated from the School of Fine Arts and Design in Addis Abeba. He has participated in several workshops and courses on advocacy training,  and children and youth social problematic. He works as graduate Assistant at the Department of Painting in the School of Fine Arts and Design and  exhibition coordinator at the Gojo …

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